150Ah solar battery price in Kenya

When you have a bigger system with more than 3 solar panels, you can install a 150Ah solar battery to store the energy. The 150Ah solar battery price in Kenya varies depending on the brand. Premium solar brands, known for offering quality solar products will charge more than unknown brands that cannot be trusted.

As a leading solar battery supply company, we only stock premium quality solar battery brands that are tried and time tested and proven to be quality. The 150Ah brands available In our inventory are all high quality and made to last. Besides, they are specifically made for solar and therefore come with deep cycle technology. This means you can discharge them as much as possible ad they will be ready for recharging and use immediately.

We also have a wide variety of types of 150Ah solar batteries for you to choose from. Our batteries include the tall tubular batteries that are an improvement of the normal lead acid batteries used in cars. Our lead acid batteries are valve regulated which means that gases from the batteries do not escape. These batteries do not require a lot of maintenance and will only need water refills every 8 to 10 months.

We also have gel and AGM batteries for you to choose from based on your preference. Our top batteries are lithium ion solar batteries that work more or less the same like the mobile batteries. They can be discharged almost completely to give you more power when you need it and last really long. These batteries can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years depending on the depth of discharge.

We make it easy for you to invest in solar batteries by offering the best 150Ah solar battery price in Kenya. Browse our wide range of 150Ah batteries and place your order today.