200Ah solar battery price in Kenya

A 200Ah solar battery can come in handy when you need more to get more power delivered to your house or even to power your boat or power tools. The high rating of 200Ah means the battery has more capacity which in turn means you can harvest more power from the battery. The higher the capacity, the more you expect to pay. But you can enjoy affordable 200Ah solar batter price in Kenya if you buy from us.

We are direct suppliers of the best deep cycle 200 Ah solar batteries from the best brands. As such, we are able to deliver these products to you at the most affordable prices. We also have different types of batteries with this capacity to meet your needs and budget. We have both lithium ion and lead acid batteries for you to choose from.

The 200Ah solar battery price in Kenya varies between the different types with lithium ion batteries costing more. Our lead acid batteries are valve regulated and come in different variants. You can choose between gel and AGM. The prices for 200Ah solar lead acid batteries also vary between brands and the different types. You therefore have a lot of choices at different prices.

Do not worry if you are unable to choose the right 200Ah battery for your needs. Our experts can help you decide on the right battery to suit your needs and budget. They are highly trained and have years of experience dealing with solar batteries and other accessories. As such you enjoy expertise that you can really depend on.

All our 200Ah solar batteries are deep cycle meaning you can harvest power over a long time as you need it and the battery life will not be compromised. Browse our wide range of 200Ah batteries and contact us if you have any inquiries.