About us

We are the premier supplier of solar batteries in Kenya working with solar installers, contractors, and individuals that need solar storage solutions. We are specialists in solar batteries and with our decades of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we know our trade. As such, we stock quality materials and offer our clients unparalleled advice on solar batteries that they cannot get anywhere else.

Every day many Kenyans are turning to green energy and specifically solar energy. Since it is their first time investing in solar, the process can be confusing and intimidating. We aim to make the process of investing in solar energy easy and affordable by offering great products at affordable prices plus all the information you need.

We empower our clients to make smarter decisions and especially when it comes to investing in solar batteries through simplicity, transparency and offering them a wide range of products to choose from. We take pride in helping homeowners as well as commercial investors interested in solar power to harness and harvest more solar power when they need it through our batteries.

We believe in the power of solar energy and renewable energy, and its place in our future. As such, we are passionate about helping people make the strides they need in order to take full advantage of solar energy and safeguard our environment for future generations. The sustainable world we look forward to is attainable if only we invest more in renewable energy solutions.

Having quality solar batteries can greatly reduce the dependence on electricity generated through other means and save our environment. This is the vision our company works to achieve one solar battery at a time. Our staff is a team of highly trained and experienced solar experts so you have expertise you can depend on.