Chloride Exide 200ah Solar Battery Price in Kenya

The Chloride Exide 200ah solar battery is a great battery for use with solar systems and for backup power when mains electricity is not available. It is a high quality battery that is fast to recharge thanks to its composition of lead and acid. The chloride exide 200ah solar battery price in Kenya should not be your worry since with this battery you will be making a great investment.

The Chloride Exide 200AH solar battery is a deep cycle battery meaning that it discharges slowly. Therefore, you are able to draw power from the battery reliably for a long period of time. The battery comes already filled with acid and ready for use.

Atop the battery are the terminals clearly marked in red and black making it very easy for you to install the battery to your system. The battery is spill proof which means that the electrolyte inside doesn't spill. This ensures the battery lasts for a very long time and gives you consistent and reliable power every time.

The Chloride Exide 200ah solar battery is a maintenance free battery that does not require much from you. It charges quickly, retains charge for long, it is internationally sized, easy to carry around and great for a wide variety of applications where you might need a battery. What's not to love about this battery?

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