Chloride Exide Solar battery price in Kenya

Chloride Exide is a household name in Kenya when it comes to manufacture of rechargeable lead acid batteries. They offer some of the best batteries for solar systems. These batteries are offered at different Chloride Exide solar battery price in Kenya based on the power rating and other factors.

Bigger batteries capable of handling large systems cost more than smaller ones that do not give a lot of power. Chloride Exide batteries are very reliable so you can rest assured that you will have power when you need it. Plus, they are very well made and put together so they last long.

The solar batteries made by Chloride Exide are deep cycle. This technology means that the batteries discharge slowly giving you power for a long time. They are also sealed completely to keep the electrolyte inside contained so it never spills.

Chloride exide solar batteries are ready to use when you buy them. All you have to do is connect them to your solar or backup system and you are good to go. Further, these modern batteries are maintenance free which makes them easy to use and also reduces operational costs for you.

Chloride Exide is always improving their batteries and offering different technologies like gel electrolytes and others that give better performance and ensure long life of the battery. You have a wide range of power options to choose from to cater for your needs.

If you want a battery you can rely on for ages to come, then you should definitely consider Chloride Exide batteries. They are durable, reliable and provide consistent power for you. We offer genuine chloride exide batteries. Enjoy great chloride exide solar batter prices in Kenya today. Place your order for a solar battery with us.