Luminous Solar Battery

Luminous solar batteries made by Luminous Power Technologies, PVT Ltd are high quality batteries available in L and H series. Luminous solar batteries are known for durability because of the high quality materials used in manufacture of the batteries. The batteries are manufactured using high pressure 100 bar technology that ensures a fine grain, corrosion free and strong structure that is highly dependable and lasts for long.

On the inside, the plates used are 20% thicker than what is standard in other low quality batteries. This coupled with more electrolyte used inside the battery ensures you get more power on demand. The electrolyte and the chemical materials used inside the battery are pure which means reactions are quick and easy to easily charge and discharge the battery on demand.

The spine and the gauntlet are corrosion and oxidation resistant which ensures your battery lasts even longer. To minimize chances of internal short circuits, the polyethylene separators are puncture resistant. Therefore, the chemicals do not have a possibility of mixing which can cause short circuits and damage to the battery.

Luminous solar batteries also offer long cycles of anywhere from 1500 to 5000 depending on the depth of discharge. With luminous solar battery you get technology that you can depend on to harvest as much solar power as possible. We are recommended suppliers of genuine Luminous solar batteries in Kenya. With us you can rest assured that you are paying for the genuine Luminous brand and not a fake.

Also, we are able to offer our products at recommended retail prices to make your journey of investing in solar technology easy and affordable. Browse our wide range of L and H Series Luminous solar batteries and place your order today. Contact us if you need help choosing the right battery for your needs and budget.