Trojan Solar Battery

Trojan is a worldwide renowned solar battery brand with over eight decades of experience in the industry. Their expertise and innovativeness makes their solar batteries very attractive to many people. Trojan solar batteries are available in a wide range and in different types including AGM Trojan batteries and GEL Trojan solar batteries.

All Trojan solar batteries come with deep cycle technology that allows you to discharge them over a long period of time. That is not all, the company offers their batteries in a range of different capacities from 77Ah to 360Ah solar batteries. You therefore have many choices to choose from to suit your needs and budget.

Trojan solar batteries can also be used in a wide array of applications because they have different voltage capacities. They come in 6V, 8V and 12V capacities so you choose the right battery for the application. Using the solar battery for the right application ensures you enjoy the whole life cycle of the battery since it is not misused.

Over the years the company has improved their solar battery technology to bring you the best solar batteries at the most competitive prices. Trojan is a name you know and can trust when it comes to solar batteries and they offer superior power and performance whatever your budget or requirements.

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