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We are the premier supplier of solar batteries in Kenya working with solar installers, contractors, and individuals that need solar storage solutions. We are specialists in solar batteries and with our decades of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we know our trade. As such, we stock quality materials and offer our clients unparalleled advice on solar batteries that they cannot get anywhere else.

Every day many Kenyans are turning to green energy and specifically solar energy. Since it is their first time investing in solar, the process can be confusing and intimidating. We aim to make the process of investing in solar energy easy and affordable by offering great products at affordable prices plus all the information you need.

We empower our clients to make smarter decisions and especially when it comes to investing in solar batteries through simplicity, transparency and offering them a wide range of products to choose from. We take pride in helping homeowners as well as commercial investors interested in solar power to harness and harvest more solar power when they need it through our batteries.

We believe in the power of solar energy and renewable energy, and its place in our future. As such, we are passionate about helping people make the strides they need in order to take full advantage of solar energy and safeguard our environment for future generations. The sustainable world we look forward to is attainable if only we invest more in renewable energy solutions.

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<><> Solar Battery Prices <><>

Renergy RGA UK 100ah - Ksh 25,000/=

Max charging current: 30Av
Nominal capacity: 100 AH
1200 life cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge
1 Yr warranty
Rated voltage: 12V
Weight: 28 Kg

Renergy RGA UK 200ah - Ksh 36,000/=

Max charging current: 60A
Nominal capacity: 200 AH
1200 life cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge
1 Yr warranty
Rated voltage: 12V
Weight: 59.8 Kg

415W Panel - Ksh 20,750/=

<><><> Solar Charge Controller Prices <><><>

1kw inverter - Ksh 34,000/=
3kw 60A mppt - Ksh 48,000/=
3kw 80A mppt - Ksh 52,000/=
5kw 80A mppt - Ksh 88,000/=

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Choosing The Best

Solar Batteries Price in Kenya

Interest in solar energy is growing rapidly in the country. To make it a worthwhile investment, it is important to invest in storage to cater for night times. Storage of solar energy is achieved through the use of solar batteries. For a long time, people have used car batteries as the storage for solar. Although car batteries and solar batteries are similar, they aren't the same. Car batteries cannot be able to meet the demands of powering an entire home which leaves solar batteries as the desired investment. What are the solar batteries prices in Kenya? Which are the best solar batteries?

Solar battery technology

Batteries in solar applications meet a lot of demands in terms of heavy charging, discharging and irregular full charging. As such, these batteries are built to withstand these applications. Car batteries cannot be fully discharged. They are also made to give short bursts of electricity to either ignite, light or start a vehicle.

To overcome these shortcomings, the best solar batteries are made with what is called the deep cycle technology. Deep cycle technology allows a solar battery to be discharged slowly over a long period of time until it has nothing left to give and then recharge and be ready for use again. The deep cycle technology affects not only performance of the solar batteries but also the solar battery prices in Kenya. Deep cycles cost more than non-deep cycle batteries.

Types of deep cycle solar batteries

The best solar battery in Kenya is definitely a deep cycle battery. Deep cycle solar batteries can be categorized into two; lithium ion batteries and lead acid deep cycle batteries.

Lead acid deep cycle batteries

Lead acid batteries have been around for a really long time. They are the batteries used in cars. Deep cycle lead batteries are specifically used in solar systems. Deep cycle lead acid batteries can produce power over a long period of time and discharge more than the normal lead acid batteries.

Deep cycle lead acid solar batteries for sale in Kenya cost more than the car lead acid batteries do. However, they are more affordable than solar lithium ion batteries. The lead acid batteries for solar are valve regulated lead acid batteries (VLRA) meaning they come sealed so gases from the reactions cannot escape. VRLA solar batteries are categorized into two; absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gel models.

AGM and gel lead acid batteries do not require refilling which makes maintenance pretty easy.

Lithium ion solar batteries

Lithium ion batteries are the best solar batteries in Kenya and the most preferred by many people. However, the price of these solar batteries in Kenya is higher than that of lead acid batteries. But, lithium ion batteries have a longer life span, are maintenance free, and have a bigger discharge depth than lead acid batteries. You harvest more energy from lithium ion batteries than from lead acid batteries. They also recharge quicker and are more compact and lightweight.

Installation of lithium ion batteries is also a breeze. They can be installed indoors or outside. You also have a choice to wall mount them or place them on the floor. Many homeowners enjoy the versatility of lithium ion solar batteries.

Choosing the right solar battery

Here are some of the considerations to have in mind when choosing a solar battery;


Solar batteries prices in Kenya is a major consideration for many people when looking to invest in a solar battery. Low prices are attractive for many, but if the low price comes at the expense of battery life and quality then it is not worth it. If you get a poor battery, overtime you would need to replace the battery and the costs can quickly add up. Not to mention the inconveniences of not having power when you need it.

It is therefore important to have other important considerations in mind when choosing a solar battery. Landing the best solar battery in Kenya is easy if you get the basics right. Here are the other important considerations to have in mind.


Before buying a battery, it is important to know your power requirements so you do not underestimate the load and end up with a battery smaller than what you need. Our experts can help you determine which battery has the right capacity for your power needs.

The capacity of the solar battery is the total amount of electricity that the battery can store. It is usually measured in kilowatt hours – kWh. If you bought a smaller battery or your power needs have increased, you can stack more batteries to increase the capacity. However, this means more expenses on your end which is important that you get the capacity right the first time. It might even be okay to overestimate especially when you are investing in a lithium ion battery because it means you will have power in plenty on demand.

Depth of discharge (DoD)

Most solar batteries retain some charge at all times due to the chemical compositions. However, a good solar battery is one that is able to discharge as much as possible meaning you are able to harvest as much power as possible for your use.

Round-trip efficiency

A battery's round trip efficiency is the difference between the amount of energy used to charge the battery and the available amount of energy. For instance, if you store 5 kWh of electricity into the battery and get 4 kWh out, then the battery has a round trip efficiency of (4/5x100) = 80%. A higher round trip efficiency means you will get more value out of your battery.

Cycle life / Battery life

The cycle life or the life of the battery is determined by the number of charge and discharge cycles the battery can provide before the capacity of the battery drops. The best solar batteries for sale in Kenya come with high battery life and offer many charge/discharge cycles. A good battery should also come with a warranty that guarantees a certain number of life cycles or years of useful life. During this period, the battery should not drop the capacity to a given warrantied percentage value. This serves to show you that the battery is of high quality.

We can help you in your journey to invest in solar batteries. We are renowned suppliers of high quality solar battery brands that have been in the market for a long time. More to that, we are also offer our products at the best solar batteries prices in Kenya. Contact us to learn more.